All components of the TinyDrum® are located in an area concealed off the environment. The filter drum, the flushing pump and the gear motor are sealed off. This reduces noise pollution to a minimum. Aerosol contamination of the environment during the purging process is impossible.


With the TinyDrum®, the user can freely adjust the switch-on and switch-off points of the backwash, the rotational speed of the drum and the flushing duration of the backwash pump. This always ensures the most efficient use under different system conditions. The central sensor is a pressure sensor that monitors the water level inside the drum with millimetre precision. All parameters can be changed by the user to adapt the filter exactly to the system.

Mode of operation

A drum covered with fine mesh screen fabric is located inside the drum filter. Incoming dirty water is passing the drum from the inside to the outside. Suspended particles get caught in the mesh. The degree of clogging of the screen is monitored by measuring the water levels. If the sieve is dirty, the cleaning process starts automatically. Clean water is used to spray the drum from the outside to the inside. Waste particles are washed down directly of the filter into a collecting channel. During the rinsing process, the drum rotates in the filter so that the entire sieve can be cleaned.


TinyDrum® drum filters are already used in numerous applications at customers all over the world. You can find a reference list in the download area at